Pure Base Powdered Serum 1.6 OZ


Pure Base:

Wheat free, medium chain Hyaluronic acid is what comprises this cushion gel base.

This powdered serum can be mixed and applied to the skin during treatment under a mask or used during Nano-Fill for slip and to boost the skin hydration level for weeks beyond treatment.

Cooling and restorative this is a must have product for any professional. Reduces redness reverses free radical activity and emulates the look of youthful fullness.

ModVellum Powdered Serums may be used (during Nano-Fill) or Pure Mask (under steam) for maximum effect.

For professionals only.



Pure Base–Hyaluronic Acid (also called sodium hyaluronate or HA) Wheat free fermentation process. Medium chain. Instantly plumping. Used in fillers because it naturally emulates the effect of youthful fullness. Naturally exists between skin cells and extremely high in babies because of high fibroblast activity. Improves elasticity and reverses free radical damage.