Got Chiral?

Chiral skin care is the purest and safest form of skin care on the market today. But what is Chiral? Here at Modvellum, we are firm believers that you should know exactly what is going into or onto your body at all times. So we’ve compiled a crash course in chiral technology.

The Science behind Chirality

Chirality refers to the biology behind cell movement in the body. Your body’s cell molecules are constantly moving to the left or the right in a natural spinning motion. This is sometimes referred to as the “handedness” of molecules. Meaning they are like your hands; comparable to one another but also mirror images. Because of their asymmetrical nature, each side of the chiral molecule acts and reacts differently; while one isomer of the molecule reacts positively, the other may act negatively and do harm to the body.
To make a product chirally correct, pharmaceutical manufacturers isolate and foster the ‘good’ side of the chiral molecule, completely disregarding the ‘bad’ side, creating a super molecule that spins only the correct way in order to be accepted by the receptors in other cells therefore causing only benefits to the body.

Why Go Chiral?

Using chirally correct products on your skin can:

  • Increase antioxidant protection (Be healthier)
  • Increase cellular renewal and cell’s efficiency (Disrupt aging)
  • Increase collagen and elastin (Look younger)
  • Reduce free radical formation (Live cleaner)
  • Decrease irritation and side effects (Be happier)

There are millions of chiral receptors in the skin that are affected by what you put on your skin. If you use the wrong products, you may be more susceptible to irritation and side effects and the above benefits may not available to your skin. So go chiral.

Your skin will thank you.

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