A non-invasive alternative to Microneedling has arrived!

Safe for both the client and the esthetician we can now increase the permeability of the Stratum Corneum with ZERO DOWNTIME.

Like a facial and peel all in one, the ModVellum method infuses Hyaluronic Acid, Meristems, Retinaldehyde, Superfruit Extracts and Minerals into the skin which is instantly revitalized.

This treatment is safe to administer Bi-monthly.

Check your states licensure before purchasing. Certifications are available.

For professionals only.

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Traditionally referred to as percutaneous needling, Nano-Fill is a rejuvenating treatment that creates channels in the skin via stamping machine. This treatment includes collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid to create youthful fullness, as well infuse the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. This increases the firmness of the skin, slows the aging process, and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This treatment safely and effectively promotes Collagen and Fibroblast activity using a non-invasive wound healing cascade. We believe that this can be safely administered by medical professionals as well as licensed estheticians because it is metal needle free and does not draw blood. It also does not reach the dermis and is only done on medium to thick skin. Because we “nanoscopically” puncture the stratum corneum we create portals in the skin and deliver some fantastic ingredients on a deeper level than if they were just applied topically. This procedure may also produce a peeling effect however typically the risk of Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation is greatly reduced. Nano-Fill is loved by clients because:

  • it’s virtually painless (unlike traditional needling)
  • there’s zero downtime
  • it may be an alternative to cosmetic injectables and lasers
  • it doesn’t produce bleeding
  • it doesn’t puncture/wound the dermis

The unique features of our machine:

  • 5 speed settings: up to 12,000 stamps per minute
  • Silicon Nano Tip with 46 triangle shaped points range 0 – up to .20 MM
  • Disposable tips

Contraindications: scleroderma, scars less than six months old, severe solar keratosis, lesions or skin infections, active herpes, inflamed rosacea, psoriasis, diabetes, auto-immune system disfunction, or if you are nursing or pregnant.

Also please consult your physician if you have had treatment for Lyme Disease or Chemotherapy within the last year.