Unicorn GuaSha Tool




The ModVellum “Unicorn” Fluorite (tumbled and then) carved Gha-Sha stones can be useful in sending good vibes in all directions. They are thought to amplify the healing process, and bring a combination of energies to enhance emotional homeostasis.

We are recommending these tools based on how much of an effect you desire. The tools are used as a GENTLE massage device post peel, facial or during your home routine ideally they are kept cool.

“Unicorn” (multi-color) Fluorite is thought to boost all the chakras (evidenced by the many vibrant colors in our tools) and is thought to give your skin “superpowers” making you feel unbreakable! The goal is to amplify the skins energy, in relationship to the products being used, for a lifting and toning result on the skin.

Envision your intention for yourself or others while performing this Gua-Sha massage. These tools may be used at home after applying your nightly products as well as in the spa service for more advanced application.

Many think of Fluorite as a vortex that effectively pulls out and releases your fear, and anxiety, leaving you with happiness, success and lifted/molded skin as well… of course!

CLEAR FLOURITE removes self doubt and you become “crystal clear”. Literally! A solid mindset takes it’s place. It guards against psycho “terrorism” and acts as a fortress of the mind. Known to make one act “guilt-free” so be careful not to have too much fun! In “gemstone lore” it has been used for skin problems and acts as a “master healer”. Can be seen in light and medium saturated ModVellum Clinical tools.

GREEN FLOURITE is just what you’d think, it’s for detoxification for acneic skins. It’s known as an all-purpose healer. Also this color is regarded with stimulating creativity and reducing blockages. Acne in the crystal healing world is regarded as trapped emotions and anger. Can best be seen in Medium and dark ModVellum tools.

MAGENTA FLOURITE is said to be stone of inner reality. It’s said to be like a “bluetooth” link to the heart and crown chakra is known to solidify one’s genesis of identity. Rarely seen other than fibers in the lightest ModVellum Clinical tools. Likely hidden in the darker ones.

PINK FLOURITE (MORE RARE) is assciated with the heart chakra (self love and acceptance) but also hormone balance. Seen as very translucent in lighter ModVellum tools.

PURPLE FLOURITE is recomended for weight loss and known for lessening bad food habits. In crystal healing purple fluorite is place on wounds for healing. To amplify this, keep your stone cold. A.K.A mini chefman fridge. Can be seen in most ModVellum Clinical tools.

YELLOW FLOURITE which is more rare contains hydrogen flouride and ozone. It actually smells if the stone is cracked. It’s associated with (Solar Plexus) and is known for joints, liver problems and detoxification. Can be seen in some ModVellum Clinical tools based on stone but not intensity.

BLUE FLOURITE is said to assist on an enegetic level in the following issues; intestional problems such as IBS, bloat, and other digestive upsets. Blue flourite is known for throat problems (or inability to speak your mind- throat Chakra) such as thyroid. Rarely seen as a high intesity because blue is considered rare but it is lightly throughout most ModVellum tools because…as you guessed it…the quality is high.